HA Platform Design and Consulting

We design high availability platform and provide consultancy in High Availability domain. A high availability platform provides availability, reliability, service continuity, scalability, upgrade-ability, easy management and excellent performance.

What are the constituents of High Availability Platform Design?

  • Fault Prevention: The most important pillar in designing High Availability platform is ‘Preventing Faults from occurrence at the first place’. Implementing ‘fault prevention’ is very challenging.This requires high quality of components and sub-components of Network Equipment (including hardware and software) (mostly in the load sharing model), exhaustive testing, load balancing, and the most importantly overload control.

  • Fault Detection: Once fault prevention system fails, it is important to detect fault as soon as possible. Delay in fault detection has been very common in systems so all the possible mechanism should be kept in place to detect it faster.

  • Isolation: Delay in the fault detection results in further impact on service availability. The other side effect of this delay is chances of fault spreading across other components as well. Hence, the next step is the fault isolation, which prevents the impact on others and finds the root causes of the issue.

  • Recovery and Repair: The immediate thing after isolation is the recovery of the service, which was impacted by the fault. The recovery could be either by restarting the faulty components or transferring the work being done to another (standby) component. The last step is repair the faulty components i.e. restart.

Our experts provide consulting services in the areas of telecom, defense, data center, fin tech, medical & health care, industrial manufacturing, enterprise and aerospace to help customers running their business and mission critical applications.

What we do in design and consulting?

  • Product Study and its characterizations

  • Analysis of faults, faults domain, fault correlation in software and hardware

  • Understanding of system throughput

  • Design of fault prevention system

  • Design of the system recovery when fault prevention fails

  • Derivation of High Availability requirements from product study

  • Preparation of Product High Level design, which captures major High Availability flows and failover/switchover scenarios

The major deliverables are ‘high availability requirements document’ and ‘product high level design document’ containing software and hardware faults, correlation among them, fault prevention system, major flows of High Availability, failover/switchover scenarios, etc.