MeghHA Middleware

MeghHATM Middleware is High Availability Solution’s premier commercial distribution of OpenSAF for business/mission critical applications. MeghHATM Middleware when integrated with any system’s software, creates fail-safe, fault tolerant, continuous serving software, making zero downtime a possibility even in case of multi-point failures and planned upgrades.

MeghHATM Middleware is the unique high availability middleware, which handles software faults, hypervisor faults, hardware faults and takes recovery action on critical applications in case of these faults in the most comprehensive manner. MeghHATM Middleware can be used to monitor system resources(like Memory utilization, CPU usage, I/O devices consumption, Network monitoring, Disk usage, process and thread allocation, battery performance, Plug and play devices, Processor performance, file system) as well.

MeghHATM Middleware has industry proven base code of OpenSAF with fully tested features along with critical bug fixes, cloud related ‘additional features’, utilities, sample/demo and documentation to make it a superset of OpenSAF.

MeghHATM Middleware can be seamlessly adopted by greenfield projects as well as existing implementations of OpenSAF, since MeghHATM Middleware is certified with the widest range of Linux distros, virtualization and hardware platforms.

MeghHATM Middleware is versatile to be used across cloud, as well as on-premise deployments. It is well suited to support the latest trends in enterprise architecture – Network Function Virtualization(NFV), Software Defined Networks(SDN), Docker-container, Micro-services, 4G/5G mobile networks and IoT. In a nutshell MeghHATM Middleware is fully cloud deployable and provides High Availability as a Service (HAaaS).

MeghHATM Middleware fits into broadest set of cases, minimizing and eliminating special case high availability solutions for each systems/sub-systems. High Availability Solutions use cases for MeghHATM Middleware span domains like Telecom, Aero-space, Defence, Enterprise applications, Banking and Finance, Nuclear facilities, etc.

MeghHATM Middleware deployments globally, are backed by High Availability Solutions superior technical support. Customers have the flexibility to choose from a bunch of support models that suite their requirements and budget. High Availability Solutions is committed to expand the capabilities of MeghHATM Middleware with integrations to the upcoming offerings and services.

Why MeghHATM Middleware ?

  • Downtime in business critical applications(in telecom and enterprise), mission critical applications (in defence and aerospace), and hazardous facilities software solutions (Nuclear power plants) causes extreme interruption to the business/mission, have significant financial implications.
  • Maintaining 99.999% service availability and 100% service continuity is extremely difficult to achieve.
  • The fault point of software increases multi-fold when deployed in the Cloud as compared to deployed in the traditional purpose built hardware.
  • The high availability platform should be meticulously designed for Fault Prevention, Fault Detection, Isolation, Recovery and Repair. High Availability Solutions technical support services help our customers in designing highly available platforms.
  • Community releases of OpenSAF may have critical bugs/defects. Getting fixes from community for field issues(deployed systems) could be time consuming and fixes may not be thoroughly tested.


MeghHATM Middleware Supported platforms

Operating Systems - Linux Distributions

Virtualization Platforms

Hardware platforms

RedHat, SUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Monta Vista, Wind River, CentOS

VirtualBox, Openstack, ONAP, Docker container, KVM, Xen, VMware

ATCA, Non-ATCA (Radisys, HP c-Class Blade systems, IBM Blade Centre)