Application Integration

We integrate all kinds of applications with MeghHATM Middleware. In fast evolving markets like communications and enterprise sectors, the growth of users has been phenomenal. Impact of globalization (trade liberalization) has made its own impact and hence the demographically located people are becoming more connected day by day. These two factors have collectively impacted significantly on the volumes of communication data and transactions. There has been significant growth in these sectors (especially because of cloud, e-commerce) in developing and undeveloped countries. The good news is the sharp increase in the revenue of the service providers. But the bad news is that the down time of few minutes results in millions dollars of losses in business.

So, the applications/services/systems(Mission Critical Systems, Business Critical Systems and Safety Critical Systems) are required to be fault tolerant, fail-safe, highly available (i.e. 99.999% availability and 100% service continuity), scalable, upgrade-able and easily manageable.

Application Integration with MeghHATM Middleware inclusions:

  • Application Study and its characterizations
  • Derivation of High Availability requirements from characterizations
  • Preparation of Application Integration design based on requirements
  • Preparation of Integration tests document
  • Execution of integration tests

The major deliverables are high availability requirements document, application integration design document, integration test documents and its test results.