About us

A Team of Recognized Innovators

We are "High Availability Solutions" and we have been deriving, devising and implementing 'High Availability (HA) solutions' for software products in USA and India. We believe that all kinds of software products require High Availability to provide service continuity without fail. We work strenuously to deliver customized High Availability solutions for each product.

  1. 2007

    We, as part of Motorola, open sourced NCS software and made it OpenSAF project.

    OpenSAF foundation was formed by Motorola, Ericsson, NSN, Sun and HP.

  2. 2008

    We made the first OpenSAF release.

  3. 2012

    OpenSAF became the most popular high availability middleware project.

    Subsequently, we got acquired by Emerson Network Power, GoAhead Software and finally by Oracle in 2012

  4. May, 2018

    Oracle stopped support of all the products based on SAF (SAFfire, SelfReliant) and OpenSAF (OpenSAFfire) for business reasons

  5. Jun, 2018

    Our passion for High Availability and the opportunity to serve the SAF customers led to the formation of High Availability Solutions

Our products and roadmap

  1. Jan,

    Released MeghHA based on OpenSAF

  2. Jun,

    Released MeghHA Dashboard

  3. Aug,

    Cloud hosted MeghHA Help Desk

  4. Oct,

    Cloud hosted MeghHA Bug Tracker

Our Customers and Partners