The telecom sector continues to be at the epicentre for growth, innovation, and disruption for virtually any industry. This evolution is mainly driven by the ongoing innovations and technological developments relating to 4G, 5G, Cloud Computing and the over-arching Internet of Things(IoT). The evolution brings software complexity and distributed computing in the carrier grade systems.

All these carrier grade systems are business critical and downtime impacts revenue losses.

In telecom, we help TEM, CSP, Governments, etc. to run their telecom systems with 99.999% of high availability and 100% service continuity by designing their systems for High Availability (HA) and supporting the systems that keep running all the time.

Our designed highly available platforms makes software more powerful, smarter, flexible, scalable and efficient thereby reduces costs of operation and downtime.


Modernization trends in Telecom
  • Increased software complexity
  • Focus on Cloud deployments
  • Design the system architecture for Higher Availability(moving from High Availability) of services (e.g. in 5G)
  • Uninterrupted data supply i.e. zero delay in services
  • Availability across the regions, distributed computing i.e. Geo-redundancy
  • Cost optimization & reduction
Challenges that came along with the Modernization
  • Increased fault points because of Hypervisors, virtualized infrastructure manager(VIM), (Software defined Networking)SDN, etc
  • Fault detection, isolation, service recovery and repair in milli seconds
  • More scalable, flexible, enhance able, architecture
  • Zero downtime upgrade
  • Reusable, COTS software based on Open Standards


VoIP Services outage for 8 hours

There was an undetected failure in Session Border Controller (SBC) of a reputed company. It caused downtime of VoIP services for 8 hours without administrator being aware of the outage.

SIP Daemon was hung but monitoring software couldn’t detect it.

High availability software must monitor all the critical components of the application for quick detection and remediation of failures.

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Telecommunications giant's nationwide outage

There was an outage of voice and data services of Telecommunications giant because of a software fault. The fault triggered multiple elements to fail across the network.

It shut down voice and data services for millions of its customers. The similar issue got repeated within 3 weeks.

High availability software must detect the fault and isolate them from participating in the services to avoid the cascading effects.

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