MeghHA based on OpenSAF

MeghHA – Components and services

Mission Critical Applications
MeghHA Public Integration Points
  • System Model
  • Public APIs
  • Alarms & Notifications
  • Configurations
MeghHA Services
  • Software Management Framework
  • Availability Management Framework
  • Checkpoint
  • Information Modeln Management
  • Cluster Management
  • Lock
  • Notification
  • Platform Management
  • Messaging
  • Log
Operating System
Open HPI Integration Interface with MeghHA

Open Architecture Model mapping to MeghHA Services

  • Core principles of open architecture, focusing on interoperability within a system, are realized in the SA Forum specifications implementation i.e. MeghHA via the platform abstraction and open interfaces.
  • When building open architecture, Mission Critical systems, the Service Availability Forum specifications are the only proven open standard for high availability and fault management within telecom systems.

MeghHADashboard – Centralized Multi-Cluster Control

  • MeghHA Dashboard application provides an intuitive user interface to manage multiple high availability clusters e.g. OpenSAF or MeghHA clusters.
  • Alarms and notifications dashboard – Gives a real-time update on alarms and events across all clusters. It provides capability to locate the element from where the alarm originated, exporting the alarms to excel for analysis and reports, deleting the alarms (for administrator user only).
  • Console allows you to manage individual cluster – running administrative commands, changing configuration and status reporting