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Aerospace Research and Development provides engineering, design, research, and development of aerospace and other technologies.

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The challenge

In advance fighter jets, the continuous availability of real-time applications and the underlying COTS hardware components are very crucial for its successful operation. Few times, hardware component failures go unnoticed. This finally results in software/application failures. This defeats the purpose of such advanced fighter jets.

What is at Stake

During trial and acceptance, software and hardware failure issues could be found at customer site. This damages reputation of the manufacturer and reduces confidence of the customer.

The Solution

The high availability middleware was integrated with hardware and software to ensure high availability (COTS ATCA) platforms.

Risk Transformed

  • Fighter jets operational failures
  • Loss of monumental budget spent
  • Reputation Loss
  • Ensured the availability of the systems
  • Cost saving to defence organization
  • Ensured fail-safe systems